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**************IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT**************
******Black Hills Mind Body Spirit RAPID CITY 2019******

We would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for your support over the past few years. Without our vendors and visitors, this event would not BE, and therefore YOU are what makes us who we are and have become as an event. So, THANK YOU ALL!!

As you may be aware, 2018 was a year that was defined by the powerful energies coming onto the planet to force changes in each and every one of us, as well as in everything in the world around us. Many many things have shifted and changed over the past 12 months and the world is not the same place it was even 12 months ago. With everything moving so swiftly and changes coming around every corner, it's important to take some time out and reassess, ground yourself, and take a review of how you want to proceed moving forward before making any decisions in this fast-paced environment. Black Hills Mind Body Spirit - Rapid City has been a very successful event and we have done a bit of growing over the years, however, it is time for us to pause, reassess, and ground ourselves so that we can make the right choices to truly bring this event to the next and MUCH HIGHER level that it needs to be during these times. This means that we will not be having Black Hills Mind Body Spirit - Rapid City this year. This decision was not easy, but sometimes the right decisions in life seem to be that way. We will not be going away, however, so don't you worry. We will still be having Black Hills Mind Body Spirit - Spearfish on the 29th of September and we are moving forward with one other regional event (looking at June), possibly two. Once we have the first one confirmed, we will be announcing it. These events are on a much different scale and much more organic, making them much easier to make happen. They are an opportunity to get together, see each other, and spend some time with like-minded friends. I would say it's like going out for coffee, as opposed to going out for a 7-course meal, which makes these events so important as we retool, remake, and rebuild our core event. We certainly look forward to having you join us at these events and we can't wait to see your bright and smiling faces as well as having your energy with us as we move forward.

Black Hills Mind Body Spirit - Rapid City will return in 2020 at the Ramkota once again as they have been a wonderful partner of ours over the past 4 years. That event will be a BIGGER, BETTER, and MUCH MUCH BOLDER event and it will be so exciting making it happen.

Once again, thank you all so very much for your support and we look forward to continuing to work with and see all of you at our other events.

Welcome to the homepage of The Black Hills Mind Body Spirit Experience. Please use the page links on the left to navigate our site. Those links contain information about the event as well as Vendor/Reader/Healer forms to participate. We are very excited to be putting on our 2nd Annual Event and look forward to seeing you all there.
The goal of the event is to provide information, education, inspiration, and motivation in a fun and accessible way for the Black Hills community. This is an opportunity to experience and share a variety of healing modalities, activities, spiritual readings, products, and services that can assist people in living a healthier, more balanced life.  



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May the blessings of Love and Light shine brightly upon you and yours.
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